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5 Tips on How To Write The Perfect Bucket List

Thinking of ideas to put on your bucket list can seem like a daunting task, but if you follow this method you can filter out the great from the good and create a list that you're truly excited to complete.

1. Take your time coming up with your bucket list ideas 

This may sound obvious, but you don't need to write your entire bucket list the day your Bucket List Book arrives. This is a list of things that should take a life time to complete, so take your time and be selective with what you put on there. 

2. Brainstorm ideas for your bucket list

Brainstorming is a crucial element of creating a bucket list. Start by writing down your hopes and dreams on a piece of paper. Write down the things you love doing, the things that scare you, the things that excite you. Often, its the ideas that make us face our fears that have the most profound affect on our lives.

3. Time scale and order

Your bucket list should contain a good mix of both short and long term goals. Some goals can take years to complete, such as learning a new language, where as others can be completed in a weekend, like going camping under the stars.

4. The process of elimination

Once you've come up with your ideas, it's time for the process of elimination. very often, this is the easy part. By reading down your list you'll often have a handful of ideas jump out at you. These are the ones that make your heart skip a beat with excitement when you begin to read them. These are the ideas that need to make it onto your list.

5. Share it with friends and family

 Once you've come up with a handful of awesome goals, it's great to share your ideas with your friends and family. This can help to refine the goals and maybe they will think of ideas that you haven't. Also, by sharing our ideas with people it helps to make them seem more real. It takes it from just an idea on a piece of paper to a realistic goal. 

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